Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Cinco de Mayo Celebrating-Quarantine Style

Hey, Y'all! Today is Cinco de Mayo!

Frida's BQ (Before Quarantine) on my Birthday.

Since Mexican food is my passion, this is a day that I usually celebrate by going to my favorite Mexican restaurant with my family. However, the Covid-19 quarantine is still in effect here in the Robbins home, so sadly, this year we won't be going out for dinner.

The statewide shelter in place order expired here in Georgia on May 1st, but a new order was signed which requires medically fragile and elderly Georgians to continue to shelter in place through June 12th. And yep, I guess that means me! Since I am not only "old as dirt" as my sweet Mama used to say, I am also dealing with a lot of health issues related to breast cancer, so I definitely am on the list of people who should still be hunkering down at home! 

Of course, I don't really need an order from the Governor to keep me in place right now, just good old common sense will do it. I don't think that having my hair or nails done, going to the mall, or even eating out at my favorite Mexican restaurant is worth the risk.

Although I would love to be at Frida's, eating some of their amazing queso and chips, and perhaps some Poblano peppers stuffed with Chihuahua cheese, lightly battered and fried and then topped with a delicious ranchero sauce, (yeah, I may have devoured these a few times!) we will just make do with the food I have prepared for the occasion!

Although as I stated, even without the shelter in place order, I wouldn't be frequenting nail salons, hair salons, restaurants, or any of the other establishments that have opened here recently just yet, I would not presume to judge other people who have a differing opinion (as long as they take precautions to keep everyone safe.)

So what are your feelings on the matter? Has your state opened back up? Are you resuming normal activities? 

Y'all stay safe out there! Or, in there.....whatever the case may be! And Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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